Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Toko School Enviro Bank Established Term 2 2015 By Xavier and Peyton

Toko School Opens Enviro Bank in 2015!

Toko School Year 7 & 8 class have developed an Enviro Bank in Term 2. This bank manages the money coming in from environmental programmes running at Toko School eg, chicken eggs, fruit selling and worm wee.
 Each class banks any deposits or notifies of any expenses into Room 5 Enviro bank once a week and Room 5 manage the budget around Enviromental projects and decisions moving forward. This has been linked directly to Room 5 learning about Financial Literacy and has put it into a real life context for learning. Here are our CEO's Peyton and Xavier of Toko School Enviro Bank 2015..

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  1. Such a great start!!! This is real life learning using a real life context! Well done Xavier and Peyton - you have got off to a good start. Mrs Waite